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Mobile Browsing Around The World

I find it fas­ci­nat­ing to see the vari­ance in brows­er use in the diverse regions of the world, and nowhere is that vari­ance more appar­ent than in mobile web browsers. While in the West we may be used to Chrome and Safari being more or less the only game in town, else­where in the world the sto­ry is quite dif­fer­ent. In this arti­cle I’m going to take a look at a few charts which illus­trate that difference.

The stats used here are col­lect­ed from the 30 days pri­or to 25th August, tak­en from They come with the usu­al dis­claimer about the impos­si­bil­i­ty of get­ting com­plete­ly accu­rate data, and don’t always include fea­ture phone browsers, so should there­fore be treat­ed as indica­tive rather than con­clu­sive. With the caveats out of the way, let’s begin.

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The Future of the Open Web

I’ve spent a lot of time in my career writ­ing and talk­ing about future web fea­tures, from CSS3 to Web Com­po­nents. But I’ve recent­ly come to realise that, while I still think these fea­tures are impor­tant, I’ve been miss­ing out on the big­ger pic­ture: the sur­vival of the open web. That sounds hyper­bol­ic, I know, but so many arti­cles I’ve read, con­ver­sa­tions I’ve had, and behav­iours I’ve observed, have led me to the con­clu­sion that the open web, in the form we know it now, is under threat.

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More stats on OS and browser share

At the begin­ning of May I wrote an arti­cle with some stats on OS and brows­er share and, per­haps labour­ing under the mis­ap­pre­hen­sion that some peo­ple found it inter­est­ing, have decid­ed to revis­it those stats after rough­ly three months have passed.

The fig­ures are tak­en from the peri­od 27th April to 27th July, and are the mean aver­age of two dif­fer­ent sites I man­age. For more details on audi­ence and traf­fic I refer you back to the pre­vi­ous article.

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Web platform technologies in Safari 6.1 and 7

At the recent unveil­ing of OSX Mav­er­icks Apple also announced Safari 7, with great­ly improved web stan­dards sup­port. It was left a lit­tle unclear as to which ver­sions of OSX it would run on, but brows­ing through their devel­op­er area this week I found a down­load­able pre-release of Safari 6.1, which I think clears that up: it seems Safari 7 will be exclu­sive to Mav­er­icks, while 6.1 will run on Lion and Moun­tain Lion, with all of the web stan­dards sup­port of Safari 7, but only a lim­it­ed set of new features.

As both ver­sions are a major update for the brows­er, bring­ing almost a year’s worth of WebKit updates, I thought it would be use­ful to take a look through the new and updat­ed fea­tures in each, as well as try­ing to iden­ti­fy where they differ.

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Some stats on OS and browser share

Last week on Twit­ter I shared some brows­er and OS sta­tis­tics from a site I man­age. These turned out to be quite pop­u­lar, so I’ve decid­ed to expand on them a lit­tle fur­ther, and also add the stats from anoth­er site I man­age, to broad­en the base num­bers a lit­tle. I’m not try­ing to make any point here, just shar­ing a lit­tle bit of ana­lyt­ics data. If there’s any inter­est in my doing so, I’ll pro­vide fur­ther updates in the future; leave a com­ment if there’s any­thing in par­tic­u­lar you’d like to know.

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Internet Explorer on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 soft­ware update is due to roll out today, and among the many new fea­tures brings an Inter­net Explor­er app, let­ting you browse the web on your TV (if you’re an Xbox Live Gold mem­ber). I was part of the Beta test pro­gramme and have been using Xbox IE for a few months, so here fol­low some of my thoughts, in a kind of review. Apolo­gies in advance for the crap­py photos.

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I’ve updat­ed my Speak­ing page to include more con­fer­ences, more videos, and a lit­tle on my speak­ing require­ments and pref­er­ences. I’m plan­ning to cut down on the num­ber of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to inter­est­ing offers and oppor­tu­ni­ties, so please get in touch if you’re organ­is­ing an event.

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