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About Me

My name’s * and I’m a veteran front-end developer and technologist, working at rehab studio. I code mainly client-side languages (although I’m familiar with server-side too) and I’m a keen advocate of web standards. If you’re interested, there’s a fuller biography and samples of work below.

I’m the author of The Modern Web and The Book of CSS3, and have written for print and online publications including .Net magazine and Smashing Magazine. I used to write about the next version of CSS at I have spoken at web development meetings and Ignite London (see my Lanyrd page, below). I’m actively looking for more speaking and writing opportunities.

* Note: You may not use my email address to contact me regarding link exchanges; I consider this spam, and will report it as such.

Social web

Most of the time I go under the user name of stopsatgreen (clever anagram):

Potted biography

I’ve been a professional developer since 2000. I’m self-taught (here’s my first effort at a viable website) and began as a freelancer during the .com boom, working for a variety of sites which no longer exist.

I took a permanent role at Designer City (RIP) and worked on websites for clients including Tesco, Firetrap and Arsenal.

After the demise of Designer City I stayed with when it was taken over by Granada Media, then moved to Cisco Systems in 2004.

I wasn’t at Cisco long before I decided that I wanted to return to agency work, so in 2005 I left to join AND. Here I worked on a number of launches, for clients including August Equity, Carrot Communications and Craft Central.

From there I joined Preloaded, a digital agency in London creating information architecture, user experience, and writing front-end code on sites like Arts Council England.

After Preloaded I joined Poke as a developer, where I worked for clients including Orange (on The Feed homepage and the More From… mobile site, for example) and Skype.

I also helped build Preloaded and Poke’s current sites.

My previous permanent role was at, where I helped build the current site and their Spotify app.

Here’s a selected portfolio of sites I’ve made.