As well as run­ning this blog since Jan­u­ary 2007, I’ve been writ­ing about the web and relat­ed tech­nolo­gies for many years, and have been pub­lished online and in print. I’m always look­ing for new oppor­tu­ni­ties, so please get in touch if you run a site or pub­li­ca­tion that’s look­ing for (paid) contributors.

Printed Work

Modern Web

My sec­ond book, com­ing soon from No Starch Press.

The Book of CSS3

My first book, pub­lished by No Starch Press. Avail­able to buy from Ama­zon (.co.uk or .com). More infor­ma­tion at the com­pan­ion web­site.

50 web design problems solved for 2013

Cov­er and lead arti­cle in .net Mag­a­zine issue 237 (co-authored).

The future of CSS layouts

Cov­er and lead arti­cle in .net Mag­a­zine issue 231.

Chain animation events together

Tuto­r­i­al in .net Mag­a­zine issue 229.

The ten hottest CSS skills of 2012

Cov­er and lead arti­cle in .net Mag­a­zine issue 225.

Design a grid-based layout

Tuto­r­i­al in .net Mag­a­zine issue 220.

Master the CSS Flexible Box model

Tuto­r­i­al in .net Mag­a­zine issue 209, and also avail­able online.

Create a dynamic panel

Tuto­r­i­al in .net Mag­a­zine issue 203

Online Work

Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS3

A List Apart

CSS3 Pseudo-Classes and HTML5 Forms

HTML5 Doc­tor

CSS tips for Safari Books Online

Using CSS Fonts for Adap­tive Icons
Mak­ing Bet­ter Print Stylesheets
Fak­ing Ran­domi­sa­tion With nth-child

2011 in review: 20 CSS sites that rocked!


Adventures In The Third Dimension

Smash­ing Magazine

The Five-Minute Guide to CSS Animations


How Sass Can Shape The Future of CSS

The Sass Way

The future of CSS layouts



Many arti­cles (2006–2009)

Progressive enhancement with CSS3