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As well as running this blog since January 2007, I’ve been writing about the web and related technologies for many years, and have been published online and in print. I’m always looking for new opportunities, so please get in touch if you run a site or publication that’s looking for (paid) contributors.

Printed Work

Modern Web

My second book, coming soon from No Starch Press.

The Book of CSS3

My first book, published by No Starch Press. Available to buy from Amazon ( or .com). More information at the companion website.

50 web design problems solved for 2013

Cover and lead article in .net Magazine issue 237 (co-authored).

The future of CSS layouts

Cover and lead article in .net Magazine issue 231.

Chain animation events together

Tutorial in .net Magazine issue 229.

The ten hottest CSS skills of 2012

Cover and lead article in .net Magazine issue 225.

Design a grid-based layout

Tutorial in .net Magazine issue 220.

Master the CSS Flexible Box model

Tutorial in .net Magazine issue 209, and also available online.

Create a dynamic panel

Tutorial in .net Magazine issue 203

Online Work

Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS3

A List Apart

CSS3 Pseudo-Classes and HTML5 Forms

HTML5 Doctor

CSS tips for Safari Books Online

Using CSS Fonts for Adaptive Icons
Making Better Print Stylesheets
Faking Randomisation With nth-child

2011 in review: 20 CSS sites that rocked!

Adventures In The Third Dimension

Smashing Magazine

The Five-Minute Guide to CSS Animations

How Sass Can Shape The Future of CSS

The Sass Way

The future of CSS layouts

Many articles (2006-2009)

Progressive enhancement with CSS3