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@media 2008

My very kind and under­stand­ing boss­es have just agreed to pay for me to attend this year’s @Media event in Lon­don, on May 29th-30th. If any read­ers are like­ly to attend, drop me a line and we could meet up to say hello.

New Firefox themes arrive

The lat­est night­ly releas­es of Fire­fox 3 (warn­ing: down­load nightlies at your own risk) for Win­dows and OS X fea­ture the new themes for each plat­form for the first time (click to enlarge the thumbnails):

Firefox 3 (Windows) Navigation Bar

Firefox 3 (OS X) Navigation Bar

Both are nice­ly designed and look as if they will inte­grate well with their respec­tive desk­tops, although it must be not­ed that I don’t believe that either is in its ful­ly com­plet­ed state yet.

More inter­est­ing to me, how­ev­er, was the news that JPEG decod­ing has been increased by 30%; I tried it out on Flickr, and the pages loaded extreme­ly quick­ly; the updat­ed Gecko engine is already fast, and now pages load even faster. Speed tests against Safari (cur­rent­ly the fastest web brows­er) should be interesting.

A new CSS Reference

When learn­ing CSS I relied heav­i­ly on Index Dot Css, a com­pre­hen­sive guide to CSS sup­port in browsers. It’s still very use­ful, although sad­ly not updat­ed since Octo­ber 2003. After that I turned to W3Schools CSS Ref­er­ence (when I did­n’t have my copy of the CSS Pock­et Ref­er­ence to hand); it’s nice­ly laid out and fair­ly com­pre­hen­sive, although with some curi­ous omis­sions (no list of selec­tors?) and no way of telling if it’s ever updated.

Now there’s a new face on the scene; Site­point’s CSS Ref­er­ence is out of Beta, and it looks good; nice­ly laid out, up-to-date brows­er sup­port lists, and allows feed­back from users. I haven’t used it exten­sive­ly yet, but it looks pret­ty impres­sive at first glance.

IE8 opt-in: no problem after all?

After two days of com­mo­tion regard­ing the Inter­net Explor­er team’s deci­sion to include a stan­dards opt-in in the next ver­sion of their brows­er, Mozil­la’s John Resig has noticed some­thing rather impor­tant in an exchange on IE’s Chris Wilson’s blog; name­ly:

Inter­net Explor­er 8 will sup­port DOCTYPE switch­ing for new DOC­TYPEs (like HTML5).

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IE8 opt-in: reaction from other browser makers

Pre­dictably, yes­ter­day’s announce­ment from Microsoft about the new stan­dards opt-in switch has cre­at­ed quite a stir in the web devel­op­ment com­mu­ni­ty. As I not­ed yes­ter­day, the reac­tion from the oth­er brows­er mak­ers would be quite impor­tant — and it looks as if they’re not interested.

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IE8 standards mode opt-in revealed

The Inter­net Explor­er team announced today that we will have to opt in to using the improved stan­dards sup­port in future ver­sions of their brows­er, by means of a meta dec­la­ra­tion in the head of our documents:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

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I’ve updat­ed my Speak­ing page to include more con­fer­ences, more videos, and a lit­tle on my speak­ing require­ments and pref­er­ences. I’m plan­ning to cut down on the num­ber of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to inter­est­ing offers and oppor­tu­ni­ties, so please get in touch if you’re organ­is­ing an event.

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