A new CSS Reference

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

When learn­ing CSS I relied heav­i­ly on Index Dot Css, a com­pre­hen­sive guide to CSS sup­port in browsers. It’s still very use­ful, although sad­ly not updat­ed since Octo­ber 2003. After that I turned to W3Schools CSS Ref­er­ence (when I did­n’t have my copy of the CSS Pock­et Ref­er­ence to hand); it’s nice­ly laid out and fair­ly com­pre­hen­sive, although with some curi­ous omis­sions (no list of selec­tors?) and no way of telling if it’s ever updated.

Now there’s a new face on the scene; Site­point’s CSS Ref­er­ence is out of Beta, and it looks good; nice­ly laid out, up-to-date brows­er sup­port lists, and allows feed­back from users. I haven’t used it exten­sive­ly yet, but it looks pret­ty impres­sive at first glance.

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