New Firefox themes arrive

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

The lat­est night­ly releas­es of Fire­fox 3 (warn­ing: down­load nightlies at your own risk) for Win­dows and OS X fea­ture the new themes for each plat­form for the first time (click to enlarge the thumbnails):

Firefox 3 (Windows) Navigation Bar

Firefox 3 (OS X) Navigation Bar

Both are nice­ly designed and look as if they will inte­grate well with their respec­tive desk­tops, although it must be not­ed that I don’t believe that either is in its ful­ly com­plet­ed state yet.

More inter­est­ing to me, how­ev­er, was the news that JPEG decod­ing has been increased by 30%; I tried it out on Flickr, and the pages loaded extreme­ly quick­ly; the updat­ed Gecko engine is already fast, and now pages load even faster. Speed tests against Safari (cur­rent­ly the fastest web brows­er) should be interesting.

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“New Firefox themes arrive”

  1. The Mac theme will also gain the ‘key­hole’ design in the near future. Some­thing for me to get used to I sup­pose, I always split the forwards/backwards clus­ter and put reload in the mid­dle. But that’s just me I suppose :)

  2. I thought the new back/forward but­ton would be tricky to get used to, but then I realised how lit­tle I actu­al­ly use the for­ward but­ton, and so I’m pret­ty sure this makes more sense.

  3. Yeah, I def­i­nite­ly agree that this is bet­ter. Will be inter­est­ed to see how they tai­lor the key­hole to look ‘native’ actually.

  4. Wow! That win­dows theme is hideous. Unless it’s meant to fit in with win95. Then of course, it’s just lovely :)