Microsoft ‘may consider’ Webkit in IE

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

Steve Ballmer has said that Microsoft “may look at” using Webkit in future ver­sions of Inter­net Explor­er (con­tra­dict­ing Chris Wilson’s state­ment last year that they would­n’t). I real­ly can’t see it; at least, not in the near future. Per­haps for Win­dows Mobile, as Webkit is prov­ing itself in the mobile space, but almost cer­tain­ly not on the desktop.

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“Microsoft ‘may consider’ Webkit in IE”

  1. I’ve been lob­by­ing for this all along, that is Microsoft should use anoth­er browsers script­ing and ren­der­ing engine. Think of all the employ­ees they could let go if they only had to focus on the UI of IE.

  2. This would be great all round, advanced CSS fea­tures and only very minor dis­crep­an­cies to count for in design­ing. The web would advance so much quick­er if everyone/most played by the same rules in ren­der­ing and kept upto­date with updates.