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Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

Today is my penul­ti­mate day in my cur­rent job; next week I’m going on a trip to Spain, and when I get back I’m start­ing my new job at the award-win­ning Pre­loaded agency. My focus will be shift­ing away from client-side devel­op­ment and onto infor­ma­tion archi­tec­ture; it’s a fan­tas­tic chal­lenge for me, and I’m very excit­ed about work­ing on top brands for a top agency.

I’ve been slow­ly intro­duc­ing IA into my role over the past three years, and so this is a log­i­cal step for me to take. I’ll be sad to leave my cur­rent agency, but delight­ed to be mov­ing to some­where I’ll be able to focus on what I think are the next hot top­ics on the web: find­abil­i­ty & usability.

In a piece of hap­py serendip­i­ty, there’s a big user-cen­tred design project under­way at the moment with the redesign of the Dru­pal com­mu­ni­ty site and, with it being open soft­ware, the whole process is being con­duct­ed trans­par­ent­ly — which means a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to study and learn. Leisa Reichelt is lead­ing the dis­cov­ery and plan­ning stages, and blog­ging every step; you can read the draft Expe­ri­ence Strat­e­gy, how Dru­pal users were defined, and how to get involved. Def­i­nite­ly worth keep­ing an eye on.

I won’t be leav­ing web devel­op­ment behind com­plete­ly; it’s my pas­sion, I would­n’t be able to. Espe­cial­ly now that we’re enter­ing into very excit­ing times with the forth­com­ing release of IE8; not because of any new fea­tures, but because we’ll final­ly have a com­plete­ly sta­ble, cross-brows­er plat­form of CSS2.1 to devel­op on. The IE team are doing a ster­ling job of releas­ing infor­ma­tion about the new brows­er; for exam­ple, dis­cussing devel­op­er tools and brows­er-spe­cif­ic CSS pre­fix­es. Let’s hope they don’t fall into the post-launch silence that hap­pened after the release of IE7.

So, inter­est­ing times to come. First, how­ev­er: a hol­i­day. Back later.

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