Acid 3: It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part

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It’s an excit­ing time to be a web devel­op­er, as all four major browsers have released / are releas­ing new ver­sions with extend­ed CSS & HTML sup­port. How­ev­er, as Opera and Webkit race to be the first to score 100% on the Acid3 test, a lot of peo­ple are get­ting caught up in the excite­ment and turn­ing this into some kind of piss­ing con­test.

Hon­est­ly, it does­n’t mat­ter who pass­es the test first. Does it mat­ter who passed the Acid2 test first? Do you remem­ber? Do you care? What mat­ters is that this year we’re going to have much bet­ter stan­dards sup­port and less pro­pri­etary bugs, and that’s the best and most impor­tant thing.

As with oper­at­ing sys­tems and video games con­soles, every­one feels the need to take a side and defend it vig­or­ous­ly. But it’s not impor­tant. If you like Safari, then all pow­er to you; I pre­fer Fire­fox. What we can agree on is that we want our web­sites to work equal­ly well on both of them. I con­grat­u­late Opera and Webkit equal­ly for work­ing towards mak­ing bet­ter browsers, and could­n’t care less who pass­es the arbi­trary test first.

That said, it should be judged by whichev­er one makes a pro­duc­tion release, of course, not a night­ly or an Alpha. You don’t win a race by hav­ing the fastest train­ers, you win it by cross­ing the fin­ish­ing line!

On a relat­ed note, today’s Wired has a good sum­ma­ry of HTML5 sup­port in cur­rent and forth­com­ing browsers.

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“Acid 3: It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part”

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