More findings from IE8: XHTML and @import

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Had the chance to run a few more tests to find out what’s new (and what’s not) in IE8. Good: @import media types seem to be implemented; Bad: XHTML still isn’t parsed, so everyone who thinks they are coding XHTML are still kidding themselves.

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“More findings from IE8: XHTML and @import”

  1. Hmm, although it’s a step in the right direction that they’ve included support for @import media types, I’d like to see Media Query support by the time it becomes an RC, bringing it in line with Safari, Opera & hopefully FF3 (no support as of yet)

  2. Looks like it’s time to give up trying to support IE once and for all. I’ve waited 3 major versions for ms to get their act together but even there latest beta browser is STILL incapable of even basic XHTML rendering which all other well-known browsers have had working for over half a decade now.

  3. Give up supporting IE?

    Tell that to the almost 90% of people that still uses that POS browser. If you don’t support IE, they won’t switch. They just won’t visit your site.

    I’ve already given up supporting IE6, which is an absolute web designer’s nightmare. But we’ll still have to support IE7 and IE8, unfortunately, since it’s still the most widely used browser.

  4. FYI, there will be no support for Print media descriptor when used in conjunction with the @import rule, in the final version of IE8