Where is Safari 3?

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Why has­n’t Safari 3 come out of Beta yet? Leop­ard was released weeks ago, and Safari 3.04 was includ­ed in that; pre­sum­ably that was a full release ver­sion and not a Beta, so why has­n’t a full release hap­pened for oth­er OS’s yet? I under­stand the Win­dows ver­sion might be delayed a lit­tle, but the Tiger version?

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“Where is Safari 3?”

  1. I was won­der­ing that. I assume it’ll be part of 10.4.11 but there’s cur­rent­ly no sign of that (I’ve been scour­ing the Apple boards dai­ly for news). It’s impor­tant because I sus­pect we’ll wind down sup­port for 2.0 once 3.0 is final. Mac users seem to be pret­ty good at upgrad­ing and if it’s part of a auto­mat­ic upgrade then all the bet­ter for us as web developers.

    Still have to sup­port 1.3 for the Pan­ther types though…

  2. You’re in luck. 10.4.11 does con­tain Safari 3 and is out for down­load now.

  3. Got it, thanks! Now just try­ing to find some release notes…

    Update: Got the Win­dows release notes.

  4. “Increas­es stan­dards and site compatibility”

    Apple’s being terse as ever!