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Mozilla Prism: Am I missing something?

Although they didn’t create the concept, Mozilla popularised tabbed browsing with the release of Firefox. Tabbed browsing is, of course, a very good thing; the old IE model of having a separate window for every instance of a site you open became unmanageable when computers got more powerful and websites no longer slowed down the whole machine. Now all of the major browsers feature the tabbed interface.

Which makes Mozilla’s latest invention, Prism, seem a bit of a weird step backwards;

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Bringing out the GIMP

As an Ubuntu user at home, I don’t have the option of installing imaging software such as Photoshop. Luckily, the best free and open-source alternative, GIMP, has just released a new version — and it’s fantastic.

While it doesn’t perhaps have quite the myriad of features that Adobe’s product does, it does have every tool I’ve ever needed (and a few more besides). Like Photoshop it’s equally good for photo manipulation and web graphics creation; this introduction gives a good overview of its functions, and there are more detail in the features and release notes pages.

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This HTML code should be illegal

The website www.inventor-link.com says that you are prohibited to link — or even refer — to them without their permission. Oops. According to their terms, you are not authorised to even look at their HTML code:

We also own all of the code, including the HTML code, and all content. As you may know, you can view the HTML code with a standard browser. We do not permit you to view such code since we consider it to be our intellectual property protected by the copyright laws. You are therefore not authorized to do so.

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Web standards and the environment

A calendarial mishap left me thinking that Blog Action Day was on the 18th October when in fact it is, of course, today. It’s 23.00 here as I write this, so I have one hour to write a post and officially get away with it.

So the title of the post is “web standards and the environment”, which at first seems pretty incongruous. To be honest, at second and third it still seems pretty incongruous. But I want to make the case that concerning yourself with the environment is like concerning yourself with web standards.

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Microformats: page to phone in a minute

It doesn’t matter how much I try to explain the value of microformats, a good visual demonstration can show their benefits better than I ever could. Here’s a short video showing how the Operator extension can get information from a Google search to your mobile phone in less than a minute.

That makes a strong case for microformats. At least, I’m sold. Now how do we convince the other 99% of the world who have no idea what they are?

The CSS Eleven: Style or substance?

CSS Eleven is an international group of visual web designers and developers who are committed to helping the W3C’s CSS Working Group to better deliver the tools that are needed to design tomorrow’s web.

I was unimpressed when I first heard about the CSS Eleven.

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I’ve updated my Speaking page to include more conferences, more videos, and a little on my speaking requirements and preferences. I’m planning to cut down on the number of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to interesting offers and opportunities, so please get in touch if you’re organising an event.

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