Latest Gran Paradiso (Firefox 3) Alpha released

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

Mozilla have released the latest Alpha of Gran Paradiso, the developers preview of Firefox 3. This release contains no interface overhaul, but introduces a number of new features:

First and foremost is the FUEL Javascript Library, which is designed to help extension developers save time by using a standard API.

OS X users will see many improvements, with Growl event notification, Cocoa interface fixes, and bug reporting.

Plus more work has been done on the offline storage for applications.

I’m still marvelling at the speed improvement; I know I’ve mentioned it on many occasions, but it’s much faster. If it weren’t for the incompatability with some key extensions I’d consider it as my primary browser already!

Update: Apparently the Growl implementation was withdrawn at the last minute owing to a serious bug.

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