No huge SVG leaps in Firefox 3

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

A little while ago I claimed that SVG looks set to be the future of web graphics, after Opera’s announcement that SVG would be allowed as a value in the background-image declaration.

Unfortunately Firefox won’t be doing the same with their next release; indeed, it seems that resources are limited at Mozilla;

With minimal resources available for SVG development, we need to make some tough calls regarding prioritizing development efforts in the Firefox 3 time-frame… This means that SMIL and SVG fonts will not make Firefox 3 with the current development resources, and the earliest chance for adding them will likely be in late 2008.

And a comment on the post confirms that the only way to implement SVG for the near future will be using the object tag. Looks like the future of web graphics is still a little way off.

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“No huge SVG leaps in Firefox 3”

  1. It seems like Opera are setting the agenda in this regard and its a damn shame if Firefox don’t follow. Due to the lack of scaling in CSS background images SVG has always seemed like the logical choice of format and, in my own work, would have been a more useful addition than the current SVG support that Firefox offers.