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For about as long as I’ve been working as a professional web dev, A List Apart has been the number one resource for design, development, and related topics, with articles that have genuinely defined the way we work, by authors who have risen to pre-eminence in our industry. And now, me too.

I’m really proud and delighted to have my very first article on ALA: Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS, a look at some of the more prosaic new CSS features. It’s had a good reception so far, and hopefully that will continue as I’d love to write for them again.

I’m also looking for more speaking opportunities, so if you know of any conferences looking for speakers, do point me in their direction.

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“A List Apart”

  1. I was a really great article, my only disagreement it is that I think those things are the interesting parts of CSS, its the gradients, border-images etc that I find boring

  2. I agree with you, Sean, I find these aspects of CSS much more interesting and practical. The title was kind of a reaction against the many, many articles I’d seen recently on Animations, Filters and so on; not that they’re not interesting, but they’re not as useful as new units and functions. So, it was intended ironically.