A cover feature in .net, and a plea for help

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

The latest issue of .net Magazine has a cover feature on the future of CSS layouts, written by me. It’s a snapshot of the current status of the many CSS modules related to layout, updating the article of the same title I wrote for netmagazine.com in August 2011.

I’ve sent in a proposal to talk about CSS layouts at this year’s CSS Dev Conf, and would really appreciate a vote for my talk to be selected. The numbers of the talks are anonymised and randomised for each visitor, but mine is in the Cutting Edge sessions page, and is called A Trivial Shift: The CSS Layout Revolution. If you could vote for that, and for me as a speaker on the last page, I would be extremely grateful. I feel bad for asking, to be honest, but it looks like a great conference and I’d love to speak there.

Oh, also, a tutorial I wrote for a recent issue of .net has now been made available online: Chain CSS animations together with JavaScript.

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