New jQuery release and Mobile Alpha

Warning This article was written over six months ago, and may contain outdated information.

A new ver­sion of jQuery has qui­et­ly been released over the week­end. It’s only a minor point release but has a cou­ple of fea­tures which look amaz­ing: some selec­tor func­tions now work up to 8x faster than the pre­vi­ous release; and there is sup­port — very clever sup­port — for HTML5 data attrib­ut­es. Take a look at the jQuery 1.4.3 release notes for more.

Also released was the first alpha of jQuery Mobile, a touch-opti­mised amal­gam of jQuery and jQuery UI. It’s actu­al­ly a lit­tle bug­gy on my Galaxy S Android phone, but as it’s an alpha release that’s per­fect­ly for­give­able. It looks pret­ty smart and comprehensive.

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