Book review: Microformats, by John Allsopp

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I’ve just finished reading John Allsopp’s book ‘Microformats: empowering your markup for Web 2.0′, and thought it deserved a review here — marked up, of course, with hReview. I was given a free copy at the recent Microformats vEvent, but hope that hasn’t coloured my review at all. Markup for the review was generated by the hReview creator (and slightly modified by myself).

Microformats: empowering your markup for Web 2.0

An excellent introduction to the possibilities of microformats

John Allsopp’s book provides a thorough, informative and, above all, interesting introduction to the power and possibilities of using microformats in your markup.

Beginning with an overview of the reasons for their existence, he continues with a look at current specifications and drafts, then rounds the book off with case studies of practical implementations.

There are plenty of practical examples throughout, and the breezy, informal tone of the text keeps the subject from every becoming too dry.

I hugely enjoyed this book, and don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of learning about, or improving their existing knowledge of, microformats.

Rating: 5/5.

Aug 22, 2008 by Peter Gasston

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“Book review: Microformats, by John Allsopp”

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