Web typography at its best

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A really nice example of how a site can look stunning despite being built without the use of images and with only a single font (and Times New Roman at that!): Seed Conference. Just amazing.

Bonus Update: Jeff Croft’s Typography: Beyond the Font [PDF]

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“Web typography at its best”

  1. Yes, very nice use of typography there.

    I think someone should mention to them however, that they could take advantage of generated content for those asterisks before and after some of the titles though :)

  2. While it looks nice on the outside. The markup isn’t as pretty. There’s no semantics. The headlines are style paragraphs etc. Would be a much better example if the underlying markup was done properly.

  3. I agree with Thomas. Also, there is in fact one image at the bottom.

    hangfromthefloor [April 6th, 2008, 18:37]