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Who uses Camino?

Camino is a browser for OS X which uses Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine in OS X’s Cocoa API. The advantage for Mac users is that it’s a little faster than Firefox, and it integrates better with the OS X desktop environment.

But I just can’t understand why anyone would use it.

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HTML Tags illustrated

HTML Tags illustrated

A collection of photographs using visual puns to illustrate HTML tags. Clever idea.

Displaying licensing information for images

Over at the Wired blog they’re pondering on the best way to provide licensing information on images; the author suggests a new attribute for img, something like lic=“license-abbr”. I think the main problem with this is that it doesn’t provide any information about what that license is, or its terms.

The Microformats solution is rel-license; basically, putting a link to the license description in the rel attribute of a link, as so:

<a href=“http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/” rel=“license”>cc by 2.0</a>

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The importance of making backups

I’m working on a new theme for the site, and accidentally overwrote the stylesheet on this one, forcing me to revert back to the only saved version I have — an old, unfinished version. Pardon the way the site looks for a few days.

One or two CSS properties I hardly use

15 CSS Properties You Probably Never Use (but perhaps should).

Most of these aren’t implemented in the IE browsers (do I even need to point that out?), many of them aren’t implemented in at least one of the other popular browsers, some of them are print-only.

Of the few cross-browser screen properties, probably the only one that I don’t use is clip — and honestly, I’ve never had a need to.

Navigation buttons in Firefox

Something that’s been bugging me for a while, that I’d forgotten to write about; why does Firefox 2 on Windows and Linux have the classic Back and Forward buttons:

Firefox 2 Browser buttons, XP

… while Firefox 2 on OS X has the crappy buttons?

Firefox 2 Browser buttons, OS X

If I’m not mistaken, FF2 beta releases on Windows had the crappy buttons, but were switched to the classic buttons after users complained. So why did the OS X version not switch too?

I’ve had to install a different theme on my Mac, as I kept hitting the Back History button by mistake. I use the GrApple theme instead.



I’ve updated my Speaking page to include more conferences, more videos, and a little on my speaking requirements and preferences. I’m planning to cut down on the number of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to interesting offers and opportunities, so please get in touch if you’re organising an event.

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