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CSS Day and Responsive Design Workflow

I’ve just returned from a few days in Ams­ter­dam, where I was for­tu­nate enough to be part of the first (and only?) CSS Day, an event organ­ised by the team behind Mobil­ism and Fron­teers, who are con­sum­mate­ly pro­fes­sion­al and deserve huge con­grat­u­la­tions and thanks for all their work. The con­fer­ence had the aim of div­ing deep into CSS through each of the eight speak­ers dis­cussing a mod­ule (or mod­ules) of the CSS spec. My cho­sen sub­ject was Ani­ma­tions and Tran­si­tions; my slides are online now, video should fol­low shortly.

The day before the con­fer­ence I gave a whole-day work­shop on Respon­sive Web Design, teach­ing design and devel­op­ment approach­es and — more impor­tant­ly — a new work­flow more adapt­ed to the demands of the new way of work­ing. I was helped huge­ly in this by the fact that I’d recent­ly fin­ished read­ing Stephen Hay’s new book, Respon­sive Design Work­flow.

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40% off when you pre-order The Modern Web

I’m very excit­ed to be hold­ing a copy of my new book, The Mod­ern Web, in my hands, and ner­vous to see what every­one else thinks when it goes on sale next week. If you’d like a copy you can get a whop­ping 40% off when you pre-order through the pub­lish­er in the next week — plus every print copy comes with a FREE eBook. I hope you’ll con­sid­er pre-order­ing, and look for­ward (guard­ed­ly!) to hear­ing what you think.

The Modern Web: download a sample chapter

My new book, The Mod­ern Web, will be released at the end of this month, and if you’re inter­est­ed in read­ing a sam­ple you can down­load a PDF of Chap­ter 6: Device APIs. Read­ers in North Amer­i­ca can now pre-order a copy from the Barnes & Noble web­site, or drop in to a B&N store in a few weeks.

The Modern Web, and The Future of Web Design

The cover of the book, The Modern WebI am delight­ed and very proud to announce my new book, The Mod­ern Web. It’s about the mod­ern open web tech­nolo­gies — HTML5, CSS3, SVG, JavaScript, DOM APIs, et al — that are required to build web­sites and appli­ca­tions in the new mul­ti-device era. Basi­cal­ly, it’s about the Web Plat­form, but my pub­lish­ers did­n’t think the word “plat­form” was sexy enough so I had to drop it.

It’s not quite fin­ished yet — I’m still in a final round of edits — but is planned for release in April. I’ll be fur­ther pro­mot­ing it near­er that time (of course), but if you’re inter­est­ed in pre-order­ing you can get good prices from and Or, if you pre­fer, you can pre-order “The Mod­ern Web” direct­ly from No Starch Press and get a 30 per­cent dis­count and a free eBook copy. It’s a great deal.

I’m equal­ly delight­ed to announce that I’ll be speak­ing at Future of Web Design in Lon­don, in May of this year, along with a great line-up of excel­lent speak­ers. I’ll also be giv­ing a one-day CSS3 Mas­ter­class before the con­fer­ence. Tick­ets are on sale now, and if you book before 1st March you’ll get ÂŁ100 off the total price. Anoth­er great deal.

Introducing The Book of CSS3

After more than a year of work, I’m absolute­ly proud and delight­ed to intro­duce my first book: The Book of CSS3. As well as the pro­sa­ic title, the sub­ti­tle — A Devel­op­er’s Guide to the Future of Web Design — should give you some idea of what to expect from it: it’s a book writ­ten by a devel­op­er, for devel­op­ers; in oth­er words, by me, for you.

The Book of CSS3The book does­n’t aim to teach CSS from scratch; it pre­sumes that you’re a work­ing devel­op­er with a good knowl­edge of web tech­nolo­gies, espe­cial­ly CSS, and you want to take your knowl­edge to the next lev­el. It aims to trans­late the some­times com­plex spec­i­fi­ca­tion into some­thing that’s eas­i­er to under­stand, and has plen­ty of code exam­ples and illus­tra­tions to aid in achiev­ing that aim.

It’s not a book of step-by-step tech­niques, it’s for keep­ing at hand to use as a resource; and as such, I believe it’s the first book of it’s kind on this top­ic. There are plen­ty of books avail­able which teach you about the excit­ing visu­al ele­ments of CSS3 like ani­ma­tions, bor­der radius, and so on, and while my book cer­tain­ly cov­ers those areas it also goes deep­er into look­ing at new lay­out meth­ods and what we can expect to see in the future.

If you’re a reg­u­lar read­er of my blog you should find plen­ty in the book that you’ll enjoy; many of the more pop­u­lar posts I’ve writ­ten, such as Using Media Queries in the Real World or CSS gra­di­ent syn­tax: com­par­i­son of Mozil­la and WebKit, have been adapt­ed for the book in one way or another.

If you’d like to read a sam­ple the pub­lish­er has made avail­able a PDF of Chap­ter 6: Text Effects and Typo­graph­ic Styles.

You can buy The Book of CSS3 direct from the pub­lish­er, No Starch Press, as either a print copy with free eBook (PDF, ePub or Mobi), or eBook alone. You can also order the print book from many online retail­ers includ­ing Ama­zon UK and Ama­zon USA.

There’s a com­pan­ion web­site with exam­ples and resources from the book, which I aim to keep updat­ed so that it becomes a con­stant online ref­er­ence guide; with brows­er imple­men­ta­tion of CSS3 chang­ing so quick­ly it’s inevitable that some ref­er­ences in the print book will become out­dat­ed in the long term, so the web­site should go some way to com­bat­ing that.

I’m anx­ious­ly await­ing the first reviews, although ini­tial feed­back has been promis­ing. I hope it’s pop­u­lar not only because I put a lot of time and effort into it — the sense of achieve­ment I have from writ­ing it has been worth all of that effort on it’s own — but also because I believe it’s a book that will be of great use to many peo­ple. (I know, I would say that!)

My Name In Print

I hope you’ll for­give a lit­tle self-pro­mo­tion, as I’d just like to play a few quick notes on my own trum­pet. The lat­est issue of Net mag­a­zine is now on sale, and fea­tures a tuto­r­i­al arti­cle, Cre­ate A Dynam­ic Con­tent Pan­el, writ­ten by me.

In the arti­cle I explain how to build a dynam­ic Con­tact area, as we did on our recent redesign of, using the Web Stor­age API and the BBC’s Glow Javascript library.

I’m not sure what the rights sit­u­a­tion is with this arti­cle, but I hope that at some point in the future I’ll be able to post it here on my blog. But in the mean­time, you can buy a copy of Net mag­a­zine in the UK at all good newsagents, as the say­ing goes (I don’t know if it will be in over­seas edi­tions also).

Printed TutorialPrinted TutorialPrinted Tutorial

On the sub­ject of print, I’m also cur­rent­ly writ­ing a book about CSS3 which should be pub­lished lat­er this year. I’ll have more infor­ma­tion on that near­er the time.


I’ve updat­ed my Speak­ing page to include more con­fer­ences, more videos, and a lit­tle on my speak­ing require­ments and pref­er­ences. I’m plan­ning to cut down on the num­ber of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to inter­est­ing offers and oppor­tu­ni­ties, so please get in touch if you’re organ­is­ing an event.

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