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Talking about Web Components with Eric Bidelman

In Sep­tem­ber of last year I asked Google’s Eric Bidel­man some ques­tions about web com­po­nents for a fea­ture I was writ­ing. Unfor­tu­nate­ly it turned out there was no room in the arti­cle for Eric’s answers, but I recent­ly stum­bled across them again and decid­ed they are too good to go to waste, so here they are.

Thanks very much to Eric for answer­ing my ques­tions, and apolo­gies if the pas­sage of time has out­dat­ed any answers.

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CSS Blending — a Five-minute Introduction

With the release of ver­sion 30, Fire­fox becomes the lat­est brows­er to sup­port CSS Blend Modes (Chrome has had them for a few months, and sup­port is on the way in Safari 8). But what are blend modes? What is blend­ing, for that matter?

If you’ve ever used image edit­ing tools like Pho­to­shop, Sketch or GIMP, you’ll prob­a­bly already be famil­iar with blend modes. For every­one else, they are meth­ods of mix­ing two visu­al lay­ers so that the two are com­bined. This could be an image lay­er with a colour lay­er, or two image layers.

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Voyeurism: Mutation and Object Observers

I don’t write much in the way of pro­duc­tion-ready code at the moment, so some of the cool­er recent devel­op­ments in JavaScript have passed me by. In this post I want to address that with a look at a cou­ple of nice new(-ish) fea­tures: muta­tion observers and object observers.

I remem­ber read­ing about muta­tion observers a lit­tle while ago, but didn’t pay them too much atten­tion as they didn’t have broad brows­er sup­port and weren’t imme­di­ate­ly use­ful to me. When I recent­ly saw object observers land in Chrome (36) Beta, I realised that I should go back and learn about them. So I did.

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I’ve updat­ed my Speak­ing page to include more con­fer­ences, more videos, and a lit­tle on my speak­ing require­ments and pref­er­ences. I’m plan­ning to cut down on the num­ber of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to inter­est­ing offers and oppor­tu­ni­ties, so please get in touch if you’re organ­is­ing an event.

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