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Web Components: concerns and opportunities

On the 21st of March I had the pleaĀ­sure of parĀ­ticĀ­iĀ­patĀ­ing in the Web ComĀ­poĀ­nents panĀ­el at Edge Conf, and the privĀ­iĀ­lege of givĀ­ing the introĀ­ducĀ­tion to the panĀ­el. Iā€™m a strong advoĀ­cate of Web ComĀ­poĀ­nents and it was great to be able to proĀ­vide my opinĀ­ion on them, alongĀ­side some real experts in the field, as well as hear quesĀ­tions and feedĀ­back from the comĀ­muĀ­niĀ­ty. The main conĀ­cern which was raised is that, as develĀ­opĀ­ers creĀ­ate their own eleĀ­ments, some imporĀ­tant conĀ­sidĀ­erĀ­aĀ­tions ā€” accesĀ­siĀ­bilĀ­iĀ­ty not least ā€” could get forĀ­gotĀ­ten about.

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Iā€™ve updatĀ­ed my SpeakĀ­ing page to include more conĀ­ferĀ­ences, more videos, and a litĀ­tle on my speakĀ­ing requireĀ­ments and prefĀ­erĀ­ences. Iā€™m planĀ­ning to cut down on the numĀ­ber of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to interĀ­estĀ­ing offers and opporĀ­tuĀ­niĀ­ties, so please get in touch if youā€™re organĀ­isĀ­ing an event.

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