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HTML5 for Web Developers

The WHATWG have released the HTML5 EdiĀ­tion for Web DevelĀ­opĀ­ers, which removes all of the overĀ­ly-techĀ­niĀ­cal details aimed at browsĀ­er makĀ­ers and leaves the imporĀ­tant stuff you need to learn ā€” and with a nice readĀ­able stylesheet applied.

Using Media Queries in the Real World

RecentĀ­ly Iā€™ve been workĀ­ing on the new webĀ­site for my employĀ­ers, Poke LonĀ­don, which launched last week. One of the things of which Iā€™m proudĀ­est is the use of media queries to creĀ­ate a site which is symĀ­paĀ­thetĀ­ic to small-screen devices. I learned a lot from develĀ­opĀ­ing with media queries, not least of which was the limĀ­it of whatā€™s posĀ­siĀ­ble with them, so I thought it would be useĀ­ful to present some of the key lessons learned in this post.

By the way, throughĀ­out this post I will refer to the ā€˜mobile version/site/themeā€™; Iā€™m aware thatā€™s a loaded term as the site wonā€™t work on many mobile devices, but Iā€™m using it pureĀ­ly as a conĀ­veĀ­nient shortĀ­hand for ā€˜handĀ­held device that supĀ­ports media queriesā€™.

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Iā€™ve updatĀ­ed my SpeakĀ­ing page to include more conĀ­ferĀ­ences, more videos, and a litĀ­tle on my speakĀ­ing requireĀ­ments and prefĀ­erĀ­ences. Iā€™m planĀ­ning to cut down on the numĀ­ber of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to interĀ­estĀ­ing offers and opporĀ­tuĀ­niĀ­ties, so please get in touch if youā€™re organĀ­isĀ­ing an event.

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