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Misunderstanding markup

Mis¬≠un¬≠der¬≠stand¬≠ing Markup: an expla¬≠na¬≠tion of the dif¬≠fer¬≠ent flavours of HTML & XHTML, in com¬≠ic strip form, by Brad Col¬≠bow. I‚Äôm not sure if it makes Jere¬≠my Kei¬≠th‚Äôs orig¬≠i¬≠nal blog post any eas¬≠i¬≠er to under¬≠stand, but it‚Äôs cer¬≠tain¬≠ly more fun to look at.

Bad advice: people still teaching CSS hacks

There’s so much great stuff writ­ten about web stan­dards avail­able for free on the web that it’s easy to for­get how much bad stuff is also out there; and how many peo­ple are will­ing to sup­port it just because it’s eas­i­er than putting in a lit­tle extra effort to fol­low best practice.

Over the week­end one of the most pop­u­lar sto­ries on Delicious.com was teach­ing the use of lazy CSS hacks, the type of which I thought every­body was con­vinced enough to do away with; the star and under­score hacks for tar­get­ing IE6 & IE7, the hacks which we’ve been say­ing (for years) should­n’t be used anymore.

Dis¬≠re¬≠gard¬≠ing the ‚Äėrights‚Äô and ‚Äėwrongs‚Äô, and the val¬≠i¬≠da¬≠tion argu¬≠ment ‚ÄĒ some of my stylesheets don‚Äôt val¬≠i¬≠date, and there are good rea¬≠sons for that ‚ÄĒ I‚Äôd like to give a few oth¬≠er rea¬≠sons why using this method is not a good idea.

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On the uncanny valley & creating prototypes

The uncan­ny val­ley is a term from the world of robot­ics, which states that when some­thing appears almost per­fect, it can cause a neg­a­tive reac­tion*. Or, to be more precise:

The uncan­ny val­ley hypoth­e­sis holds that when robots and oth­er fac­sim­i­les of humans look and act almost like actu­al humans, it caus­es a response of revul­sion among human observers.

Source: Wikipedia

I’m talk­ing about the uncan­ny val­ley in regards to cre­at­ing pro­to­types, so revul­sion may be too strong a term; but I think the prin­ci­ple still applies.

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The state of video on the web

As Fire¬≠fox 3.5 brings open video to the web, the W3C decide to drop codec require¬≠ments from the HTML 5 spec, cit¬≠ing dis¬≠agree¬≠ment between brows¬≠er mak¬≠ers and con¬≠cern over patents. Luck¬≠i¬≠ly, there‚Äôs a way to make video for every¬≠body, which means encod¬≠ing each clip only twice.


I‚Äôve updat¬≠ed my Speak¬≠ing page to include more con¬≠fer¬≠ences, more videos, and a lit¬≠tle on my speak¬≠ing require¬≠ments and pref¬≠er¬≠ences. I‚Äôm plan¬≠ning to cut down on the num¬≠ber of talks I give in 2014 (twelve is too many), but am always open to inter¬≠est¬≠ing offers and oppor¬≠tu¬≠ni¬≠ties, so please get in touch if you‚Äôre organ¬≠is¬≠ing an event.

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